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Welcome to A Kitkat Cattery. We breed and show Himalayans and Persians within CFA.

I have loved cats my entire life and have never been without one. Growing up, I loved going to my grandparentís farm in Iowa and playing with the barn cats. My first cat was a gray (blue) longhaired tabby named Fuzzy. She once started delivering kittens on my lap when I was about 7 years old. My love for cats grew from those early experiences.

Breeding Program - We breed for quality and sweet temperaments, and strive to produce kittens that fit the CFA breed standard. Kittens are sold to loving, forever homes as pets, show cats, and breeders. All of the kittens I sell are healthy, received two immunizations, and have been de-wormed. We are a PKD negative FeLV cattery and breed PKD negative cats. We show our kittens/cats throughout the year in CFA and love meeting wonderful people who love and share similar values for their cats.

If interested in one of our kittens you can contact me via email at luvcats1023@gmail.com. Please include information about yourself and the home the kitten will be going to.

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