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Our Sires and Dams

A Kitkat Joe Bite'em
Flame Point Male

GC, RW Cat-Ching White Mark
Copper-Eyed White Male


GC A Kitkat Call Me Maybe
Tortie Lynx Point Female
CH A Kitkat Chocolate Cherry Fizz
Chocolate Tortie Female

GC, RW Brontti Royal Gemma
of A Kitkat

Tortie Lynx Point Female

GC, RW Cat-Ching Dakota Dreamer
Brown Tabby Female

GC, RW Mikkat's Lois Lexy
of Cat-Ching

Blue-Cream Female

GC, NW Amber Snow Heather
Brown Patched Ticked Tabby Female

GC, BWR, NW A Kitkat Sexy Sadie
Brown Patched Ticked Tabby & White Female

GC, NW Sundemorning Nelly of A Kitkat
Silver Patched McTabby & White Female





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